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Brewing Recipes

Mmmm mmm good.

Brewery Plans

We wanna call our little brewery East Rock Brewery. Diggity has a half-finished logo ready, but not much else. We'll see where it takes us.

Brewing Method

Info about our brewing method and equipment.

Brewing Software

  • BrewTarget: Reads and writes recipes in BeerXML, automatically calculates color, bitterness, etc. Replaces BeerSmith.
  • QBrew: Calculate the gravity, color and bitterness of your recipe as you add in grains, extracts, adjuncts and hops.
  • Brewnix: Beer brewing software for Unix-like systems (last updated 2002).

ToDo List

Things that still need to be done to this wiki.


Tips on editing this wiki.

About this Wiki

Software requirements, licensing info, and so on.