Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

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Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, Logo.jpg

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF) emerged with simultaneous arsons in Greece on 21 January 2008 targeting cars, banks, and a power company.[1] The CCF's emergence can be understood as a militant subset of the 2008 Greek insurrection. They have expressed support for the Informal Anarchist Federation, Animal Liberation Front, and Earth Liberation Front.

Rejecting Marxism and class-struggle Anarchism, the CCF has described its philosophy as anarcho-nihilist:

"Anarcho-nihilism combines the propaganda of words with the propaganda of shootings, fire, dynamite. Its dynamics is forged on the anvil of actions where consciousness and experience meet in a never ending dance and not in the keyboards of the digital world of noting."[2]

A CCF member has clarified the movement's deep-green ecological philosophy:

"We live in concrete cages that we call apartments. We walk among strangers. Highways are the veins of a system where people, goods and money circulate together, all mixed up. All those in the name of profit. We have mass entertainment with technological substitutes. We communicate via keyboards. We fall in love through screens. We desire through showcases. The funny thing is that man once thought that with the technological revolution they would be liberated. But, in fact, their technological revolution put on new velvet shackles, technological shackles. Our life itself, if you notice, is poisoned on a daily basis by plastic food, by flue gas, by radioactivity, by laboratory diseases, by drugs. At the same time, the natural wealth, the forests are being destroyed, burnt, cut down to either become housing estates, highways or department stores. Our very existence, our individuality, since we are talking about technology, is being violated by the technopolice. Our movements are recorded through the electronic camera eyes. Our habits, our desires, our tastes, our hobbies, are stored on hard drives, on credit cards, on the internet, in a huge data warehouse that we find ourselves. These are the achievements of technology. Animals are being captured and killed, either in the context of laboratory experiments on technological development or, even worse, on human aesthetic choices. That is, they are transformed into bags, shoes and clothes. All this shows that the so-called quality – because the defenders of technology and the industrial complex emphasize that all this has offered the quality of life – must now crush any other form of life, in the name of the new man-god. That is, anything that happens today is a catastrophic human endeavor against anything that is not human. Against the whole planet earth."[3]

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