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What's A Wiki?

See Wikipedia's article on wikis. The wiki software that powers this website is MediaWiki. This wiki is restricted, so some features have been turned off.


  • When editing, please sign entries with ~~~~ or click Toolbar-signature.png in the toolbar. This will add your username and the time/date.
  • The default WikiEditor toolbar provides some formatting buttons to use. However, you may need to learn some wiki markup for more advanced formatting.

Links to Wikipedia

Links to Wikipedia can be easily made by using the [[Wikipedia:Foo|Foo]] syntax. See MediaWiki's documentation for more examples of interwiki linking.

Content from Wikipedia

Wikipedia articles may be "embedded" in a page by using the syntax described here.

Citing Works

  • For details about how you should cite books, articles, and websites, read this page.


This website uses the MediaWiki search engine as the default. Unsuccessful searches are often caused by searching for common words like "have" and "from", which are not indexed, or by specifying more than one search term (only pages containing all of the search terms will appear in the result). You may also search this website with DuckDuckGo.

Software Requirements

PDF Viewer

This website contains PDF documents. A current version of Evince is recommended for best compatibility. For alternatives, see this comparison.

Newer Browser

JavaScript & SSL

Enabled by default in most browsers.

  • How to enable JavaScript. You may choose to disable JavaScript (e.g. if you're using NoScript and don't want to whitelist our domain), but you will miss out on some MediaWiki features/extensions like the advanced editor.
  • Enable SSL. It's important to browse the Web with HTTPS as much as possible, and HTTPS Everywhere will help.

User Accounts

  • To edit this wiki, you must request an account.
  • All users should change their default password upon first login. Click "My Preferences" after you log in, scroll down to "Change Password", enter a new password and click "Save".