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Collectives and Organizations

Self-managed Bruderhof factories.
Common Ground Collective distribution center

Workers Unions


Collectives and Organizations

Freedom Summer, a 1964 campaign of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, an anti-authoritarian civil rights group.
Jane underground abortion service.
Philly Stands Up, a transformative justice collective.

Workers Unions

Follow for a list of Workers Unions throughout history


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Har Dayal, founder of Fraternity of the Red Flag
Black Mask/Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers

Anti-Authoritarian International ("Black International")

Black Mask/ Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers

Burlington Greens

Fraternity of the Red Flag

Freedom Fight

Free Popular University (Egypt)

Teahouse Labour Union, 11,000 members in 1918

Crock-Cow Society

International Workers' Association (IWA)

International Working Men’s Association (IWMA)


Korean Anarchist Communist Federation (KACF)

Korean Anarchist Federation in Manchuria (KAF-M)

Mujeres Creando

National Confederation of Labor (CNT), 2 million members in 1936

Schwarze Scharen

Left Green Network

Youth Greens

Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI)

Spanish Regional Federation (FRE), 60,000 members in 1873

Chilean Labourers Federation (FTCh), 60,000 members in 1921

Revolutionary Insurgent Army of the Ukraine (RPAU), 110,000 members

All-Russian Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists (ARKAS), 88,000 members

Italian Anarchist Union (UAI), 20,000 members

General Confederation of Labor (CGT) (Spain), 60,000 members in 2010s

National Confederation of Labor--France (CNT-F)

Swedish Central Workers' Organisation (SAC), 10,000 members in 1990s

Argentine Regional Workers' Federation of the 5th Congress (FORA-V), 200,000 members in 1919

House of the World Worker (COM), 50,000 members in 1910s

Bleikhman's Petrograd Anarchist Communist Federation (PACF)

Union of Anarcho-Syndicalist Propaganda (MFAG)

Moscow Federation of Anarchist Groups

Black Guards, 1,000 members

Federation of Anarchist-Communists of Bulgaria (FAKB)

Autonomous Action (AD)

Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists (KAS)

Confederation of Revolutionary Anarcho-Syndicalists (KRAS)

Revolutionary Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists, Nestor Makhno (RKAS-NM), 2,000 members

Indigenous Popular Council of Oaxaca--Ricardo Flores Magnón (CIPO-RFM)

Magónista-Zapatista Alliance (AMZ)

Anarchist Workers' and Students' Group (ASWG)

Awareness League (AL)

Anarchist Resistance Movement (ARM)

Durban Anarchist Federation (DAF)

Zabala Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF)

North-Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)

Common Struggle Libertarian Communist Federation

Common Cause

Libertarian Communist Union

Siberian Confederation of Labor (SKT)

Workers' Solidarity Movement (WSM)

Libertarian Socialist Movement (LSM)

Libertarian Alternative (AL)

International Brotherhood

International Alliance of Socialist Democracy

Anarchist organizations within the International Working Person's Association

Anarchist Federation of the Altai (AFA)

Anarchist Federation of Poland (AFP)

Revolutionary Anarchist Socialist Party (PSAR)

German Anarchist Federation (AFD)

East Asian Anarchist Federation (EAAF)

Anarchist International Relations Commission (CRIA)

Continental Commission of Anarchist Relations (CCRA)

Korean Anarchist Federation's Chinese Exile Section (KAF-C)

Korean Anarchist Federation (KAF)

Durruti Column

Friends of Durruti (AD)

Kronstadt Accords (ZK)

Francophile Anarchist Federation (FAF)

Italian Anarchist Communists (FdCAI)

Anarchist Federation of Britain (AFB)

Japanese Anarchist Federation (JAF)

Spanish Regional Anarchist Organisation (OARE)

Anarchist Communist Alliance

Anarchist Federation

Black Front Society

Libertarian Socialist Council (LSC)

Workers' Solidarity Movement (RRU)

Workers' Solidarity (RR)

Co-ordination of Anarchist Groups

Anarcho-Communist Port-workers' Group (ACAOP)

Anarcho-Syndicalist National Confederation of Labour (ASNKR)

Union of Communist Anarchists (UCAI)

Federation of Communist Anarchists of German (FKAD)

Federation of Anarchist-communist Groups of Poland and Lithuania (FAGPL)

Japanese Anarchist Club (JAC)

Anarchist Federation

Federation of Anarchist Groups of Cuba (FGAC)

Anarchist Black Cross (ABC)

International of Anarchist Federations (IAF)

Iberian Anarchist Federation (FAI)

anarchist faction in Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR)

Anarcho-Communist Unification (CUAC)

Libertarian Communist Organisation (OLC)

Uruguayan Anarchist Federation (FAU)

Anarchist Revolutionary Organisation (ORA)

Proletarian Action Anarchists Groups (GAAP)

Italian Anarchist Federation (FAI)

Federation of Communist Anarchists (FdCA)

Polish Anarchist Federation (FA)

Communist League of Anarchists

Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation

Anarchist Federation (AF) / Czech and Slovak Anarchist Federation (CSAF)

Federation of Libertarian Socialists (FFS)

General Delegation of the CNT (CNT-DG)

Venezuelan Regional Workers' Federation (FORV)

Federation of Anarchist Groups of Cuba (FGAC)

Cuban Libertarian Alliance (ALC)

General Confederation of Labor (CGT)

Federation of Anarchist Groups in Cuba (FGAC)

Yunan guerilla campaigns

Bolivian Regional Workers' Confederation (CORB)

Feminine Workers' Federation (FOB)

Revolutionary Popular Organisation 33 (OPR-33)

Libertarian Resistance (RL)

Workers' Liberation Group (Shagila)

The Scream of the People (CHK)

Movement 2 June (M2J)

Angry Brigade (AB)

Direct Action (AD)

Anti-capitalist Autonomous Commandos (KAA)

Left Opposition (LO)

Wiyathi Collective within the Anti-Capitalist Convergence





American Indian Movement and Anarchy

Anusilan Samiti

Black Panther Party and Anarchy

Students for a Democratic Society

Weather Underground and Anarchy



Albany Free School

Quechua Farmers School

Universidad Transhumante

Free Stores

Freecycle Network

Critical Resistance

Take Back the Night

No Border Network

Spanish Regional Labour Federation (FTRE)

Pact of Union & Solidarity (PUS)

Spanish Regional Workers' Federation (FORE)

Proletarian Circle (CP)

Grand Circle of Mexican Workers (GCO)

Regional Federation of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay (FRROU)

Worker's Federation (FO)

Artisan's Central Council (JCA)

Labourer's Circle (CT)

Cuban Labour Confederation (CTC)

Central Labor Union (CLU)

Northern Worker's Union (NWU)

Federation of Labour Exchanges (FBT)

1907 International Anarchist Congress

1913 Syndicalist Conference in London

Insurgent Committee of Revolutionary Partisans

National Labour Secretariat (NAS), 18,700 members in 1895

Federation of Freedom-loving Communists (FVC)

Libertarian Communist Organization

Libertarian Alternative

Committee for the Defence of Revolutionary Syndicalism (CDSR), 100,000 members

Trans-Siberian Railway

Industrial Workers of the World-US (IWW-US)

Confederation of Labour Associations (GLH)

Hunan Workers' Association

Black Societies

Wonsan General Trade Union

Free Trade Union

Argentine Regional Workers' Federation (FORA)

Argentine Regional Workers' Confederation (CORA)

Argentine Regional Workers' Federation of the 9th Congress (FORA-IX)

Argentine Libertarian Alliance (ALA)

Resistance Society of the Port-workers of the Capital (SROPC)

Uruguay Regional Workers' Organisation (FORU)

Brazilian Labour Confederation (COB)

Paraguayan Regional Workers' Organisation (FORPa)

Paraguayan Regional Workers' Centre (CORP)

National Revolutionary Alliance (ANR)

Workers' Trade Union Reorganisation Council (CORS)

Havana Labour Federation (FOH)

Cuban Workers' Confederation (CTC)

Chilean Workers' Central (CUT)

Mexican Regional Workers' Organization (FORM), 150,000 members in 1921

General Confederation of Labour (CGT)

Peruvian Regional Workers' Federation (FORPe)

Local Workers' Federation of Lima (FOL)

Colombian Workers' Federation (FOC)

Local Workers' Federation (FOL)

Feminine Workers' Federation

Guayas Workers' Regional Federation (FORG)

Ecuadoran Regional Federation of Labor (FTRE)

National Workers' Union (UON)

General Confederation of Labour (CGT)(Spain), 90,000 members in 1919

National Workers' Union (UON)

General Confederation of Labour (CGT) (Portugal)

Mexican Industrial Workers of the World (IWW-Mexico)

Mexican Liberal Party (PLM)

Industrial Union of North and South America (UIANS)

Liberation Army of the South (ELS)

National Agrarian Party (PNA)

Vlassovden Confederation

Italian Workers' Party (POI)

Free Workers' Union of Germany (FAUD), 120,000 members

North African Libertarian Movement (MLNA)

Korean Youth Federation in South China (KYFSC)

Federation of Free Society Builders (FFSB)

Korean Revolutionary Federation (KRF)

National Confederation of Labour (CNT)

General Italian Workers' Federation (CGIL)

Conference of Labour Unions (CLU)

Federation of Libertarian Socialists (FFS)

Independent League of Trade Unions (OVB)

General Confederation of Labor (CGT) (Cuba)

North African Libertarian Movement (MLNA)

Libertarian Communist International (ICL)

Libertarian Communist Organisation (OCL)

Libertarian Alternative (AL)

Second Escambray Front

Student Revolutionary Directorate (DRE)

Cuban Confederation (CTC)

Anarchists within the 26th of July Movement

Cuban Libertarian Movement in Exile

Swedish Workers' Central Organisation (SAC)

General Confederation of Labour (CGT) (Chile)

National Workers' Unity Movement (MUNT)

Federation of the Provincial Proletariat (Shengwulian)

Worker-Student Resistance (ROE)

Union of Libertarian Communist Workers (UTCL)

Alternative Libertaire

Interior Defense (DI)

First of May Group (GPM)

Iberian Liberation Movement (MIL-GAC)

Groups of International Revolutionary Action (GARI)

Neutralist Tribune

Movement of Revolutionary Communards (MRC)

Free General Workers' Union (SMOT)

Federation of South African Trade Unions (FOSATU)

Spies for Peace

Black Front Society (KSS)