From Anarchy In Action
  • September 2014 ISP / Yale Law School Cryptoparty
  • Time: ?
  • Location: Yale Law School, 127 Wall St?


^ let's make sure we add to that list.


Useful framework for privacy lifted from Eben Moglen:

  • privacy as secrecy (when you want to keep something hidden, for personal or professional reasons)
  • privacy as anonymity (when you want to be completely unknown, "start fresh", or get lost amongst the crowd)
  • privacy as autonomy (freedom to innovate, speak, experiment without fear of surveillance)

Howtos and Material

Riseup, Tactical Tech Collective, PRISM Break, and MayFirst:

Outline of what we covered last Cryptoparty

  • Firefox extensions, adblock etc.: secure browsing + recommendations

  • DuckDuckGo et al: better search

  • Cryptocat: easy in-browser encrypted chat

  • Tor Browser Bundle: anonymous browsing

  • TAILS: completely anonymous + secure OS

If people are interested (these topics came up briefly at the last Cryptoparty)

  • KeePass: secure key storage

  • mobile chat options (QuickMsg, ChatSecure, TextSecure, Yaxim)

Only if We Have Time

  • Brief free/open-source software overview with list of tools.

  • Pidgin + OTR: secure IM client

  • Thunderbird + Enigmail: secure e-mail

  • WebRTC or OSTN: in-browser video

  • Jitsi: skype-like video client