Domestic cat

From Anarchy In Action

The following is from "The Current Affairs Field Guide to Socialist Animals" by Lyta Gold and Nick Sirotich[1]:

When not confined to an artificial, atomized environment such as a house or apartment, cats naturally form complex, mutually co-responsible colonies. Individuals retain highly independent and even snobbish behaviors, often leading to factionalism within the colony, or even full-blown schisms. Additionally, cats belong to the labor-reductivist behavioral niche: once basic bodily needs have been met, the domestic cat shows little interest in empty work for work’s sake.

The black cat is a common symbol of the Industrial Workers of the World, anarcho-syndicalism, and wildcat strikes.

  1. Lyta Gold and Nick Sirotich "The Current Affairs Field Guide to Socialist Animals," Current Affairs, 5 November 2018.