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The following is from "The Current Affairs Field Guide to Socialist Animals" by Lyta Gold and Nick Sirotich[1]:

Proudly matriarchal, elephants form organized herds of 8-100 (mostly female) individuals. They share communal care labor, and kick out males when they become sexually aggressive and brocialist. Their matriarchal character, gentleness, and herbivorous diet have led many male researchers to conclude that elephants are harmless. However, new research has revealed that elephants have a secret form of sub-sonic communication, producing deep rumbles at a frequency too low to be heard by the human ear. It is possible that the revolution is coming, and when it arrives it will be in the form of a sudden stampede.

The philosopher Harry Gensler's website claims that elephants follow the Golden Rule. It cites a video, in which adults (after 3:00) help a juvenile elephant out of the mud.[2]

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