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Foojbook is a Friendica instance. Friendica has a ton of features, and it can be confusing trying to figure out why things look and work the way they do on Foojbook.

Places to Get Help

Support Accounts

Recommended Settings

Note: These settings may or may not be ideal or as private as you'd like. They may load sidebars, features, etc. that are unappealing to you. Foojbook/Friendica gives you the freedom to reveal as much as you want about yourself, and gives you some choices for how you want it to look and feel, but you're ultimately in charge of your settings.

Settings > Additional Features

  • Under Settings > Display Settings, or go directly to
    • Note: If you don't see the options from the screenshot below on that page, please scroll down and hit "Submit". The options should appear after the page refresh. This is a known bug we're working on.
Settings > Display Settings

Settings > Account Settings